Thank You!

The work of the Michigan Museums Association would not be possible without the support of our members, volunteers, donors, sponsors, and grantors. Thank you for helping us to share expertise and resources to promote standards and practices that make the Michigan museum community thrive.

2022 Donors

Kate Gantzer-Hayes
 Nick Gray

In celebration of the marriage of MMA board member Michelle McClellan and Rick Pearsall

  • Kenneth Danford
  • Laura and Jondavid Ettinger/DeLong
  • Kim and Ivan Doverspike
  • Virgina Foster
  • Cynthia French
  • Kari Hortos
  • Lucia Marshall
  • Sandra and Dennis OBrien
  • James Weeks
  • Kathryn Yoder

2022 Scholarship Donors

We are currently seeking donations for scholarships to the 2022 conference. Please donate here and join this list! 

  • Sanam Arab
  • Christina Arseneau
  • Louise Stewart Beck
  • Georgine Bello
  • Lisa and Steve Brisson
  • Julie Bunke
  • Veronica Campbell
  • Joe Cialdella
  • Malcolm Cottle
  • Steve Crawford
  • Jason Dake
  • Caitlyn Perry Dial
  • Cathy Gentry
  • Eric Gollannek
  • Regina Gorham
  • Matt Greenough
  • Amy Harris
  • Mark Heppner
  • Sarah Humes
  • Nathan Kemler
  • Dan Kroupa
  • Emily Lanctot
  • Connie Locker
  • Megan McAdow
  • Michelle McClellan
  • Patrick McKay
  • Dominick Miller
  • Melanie Parker
  • Shannon Pinkster
  • Lisa Plank
  • Katie Pritchard
  • Angela Riedel
  • Ann Rock
  • Ashley Ross
  • Renee Saba
  • Tobi Voigt
  • Brittany Williams
  • Ken Yarsevich

2021 Donors

$1000 or more
Tim Chester and Henry Matthews
Sandra Clark

Ann Rock
Bradley Taylor

Sanam Arab
Christina and Steve Arseneau
Lisa and Steve Brisson
Malcolm Cottle
Jason Dake
Caitlyn Perry Dial
Eugene Dillenburg
Mel Drumm
Suzanne Fischer
Regina Gorham
Christian Greer
Craig Hadley
Deborah Harmon
Penny Hill
Nathan Kemler
Dan Kroupa
Emily Lanctot
Megan McAdow
Michelle McClellen
Pat McKay
Dominick and Becky Miller
Jennifer Miller
Ward Randol
Larry Wagenaar
Chris Witulski
Ken Yarsevich

Up to $100
Joshua Archey
George Bayard
Bob Beatty
Patrice Cobin
Julie Cook
Holly Cordill
Nancy DeJoy
Robin Derminer
Jill Eastcott
Judith Gager
Stephanie Gandulla
Eric Gollannek
Diane Gutenkauf
Amy Harris
Mark Heppner
Joe Hines
Sarah Humes
Lawrence Hutchinson
Erin Koren
Kiersten Latham
Maria Quinlan Leiby
Connie Locker
Ann Loshaw
Dawn Malek
Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum
Lauren Nelson
Megan Osetek
Melanie Parker
Matthew Patulski
Shannon Pinkster
Lisa Plank
Katie Pritchard
Poplar Media
Melanie Parker
Laura Quackenbush
Angela Riedel
Ashley Ross
Ellen Sprouls
Nancy Swords
Beth Sylak
Stacy Tchorzynski
Tobi Voigt
Britany Benson Wujcik

Leadership Circle

Members of the Leadership Circle have donated at least $5,000 to MMA throughout their lifetime, including donations to operations, scholarship, or special projects or with donations to the endowment.

Tim Chester and Henry Matthews
Sandra and Michael Clark
Bradley Taylor

Ann Rock

MMA Endowment Donors

These funds are held at the Capitol Region Community Foundation and donations are made directly to the foundation.

Sanam Arab
Christina and Steve Arseneau
Susan Bandes
George Bayard
Bob Beatty
     In honor of Lisa Craig Brisson and
     my many colleagues in

Lisa and Steve Brisson*
Julie Bunke
Tim Chester and Henry Matthews
Sandra and Michael Clark
Jason Dake
Caitlyn Perry Dial*
Sarah Foster
   In honor of the Marriage of Michelle McClellan
   and Rick Pearsall. 

Grand Rapids African American Museum and Archives
Dr. Christian Greer
Mark Heppner
Claire and Andy Johnston*
Nathan Kemler and Stacey Burns*
Emily Lanctot
Megan McAdow
Michelle McClellen
Dominick and Becky Miller*
Lisa Plank *
Ann Rock
Bradley and Simone Taylor
Kenneth Yarsevich

*Monthly donor

Sustaining Members

Sustaining members of the Michigan Museums Association are individual members who make an additional donation of $70 when they join/renew their membership.

Sanam Arab
Lisa Craig Brisson
Nancy Bryk
Julie Bunke
Timothy Chester
Caitlyn Perry Dial
Lynne Friman
Regina Gorham
Deborah Harmon
Maria Quinlan Leiby
Ann Loshaw
Christine Mark
Melanie Parker
Erin Schmitz
Philip Sunderland
Nancy Swords
Bradley Taylor
Sarah Waters
Greg Wittkopp

Kenneth Yarsevich

The Michigan Museums Association is supported in part by an award from the Michigan Arts and Culture Council

Thank you to our Partners!

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