Midland County experienced severe flooding on May 19/20 when two dams failed after excessive rain. We will post updates here, but please also visit the facebook pages of the individual museums:     Midland County Historical Society      Sanford Centennial Museum

Monday, April 19, 2021

Here is a great video interview with Chuck Dinsmore about the flood at the Sanford Centennial Museum showing the amazing recovery progress they had made already by the end of summer. (by Jordan Mowbray)

Thursday, July 16

The Midland County Historical Society can use conservators/curators to help with damage assessments and cleaning of flood damaged textiles and artifacts, as well as general assessments and condition reports for undamaged textiles, artifacts books and archival collections and help with photographing artifacts/textiles.  Past Perfect is available on site for people to work directly in the computer.  Work will primarily be done on Thursdays and Fridays, and the goal is to get as much accomplished as possible by September 1st.  Contact Crystal for more information or to volunteer. 

Thursday, June 11

Midland County Historical Society is in need of volunteers with training in conservation, Past Perfect, and/or condition reporting for the next several weeks. If you can help, please contact Julie Johnson  (johnsonj@midlandcenter.org).

Wednesday, May 27

Sanford Centennial Museum is in need of volunteers with collections training through the rest of the week for onsite artifact stabilization. Contact Jared Yax (jyax@tchmuseum.org, 616-443-6607.)
They are also in need of Dawn dish soap and Lysol unscented spray. 

Midland County Historical Society has wrapped the emergency stage of their flood response. Approximately 350 volunteers evacuated around 12,000 artifacts between Saturday and Tuesday. More volunteers with curatorial training will be needed once power is restored to the building and they will let us know when that is. 

Tuesday, May 26

Both museums seem to be wrapping up their initial emergency response and need for volunteers on a large scale, at least after the next day or two. 

The Historical Society of Michigan has created a GoFundMe Campaign to provide direct financial support. 

Sunday, May 24

Midland County Historical Society

Volunteers are still needed to evacuate artifacts from the buildings. Contact Julie Johnson (johnsonj@midlandcenter.org).

Also needed are storage and packing materials especially regular and oversized boxes. 

They have enough freezer space now.



Sanford Centennial Museum

This museum compound was also engulfed and according to their facebook page volunteers are needed for cleanup. We are working to find a contact to get logistics for how to assist. 

Saturday, May 23


All artifacts, damaged and otherwise, need to be removed from the buildings at the Midland County Historical Society Heritage Park immediately. People with Collections/Curatorial training are needed to lead small teams of volunteers with the removal. Facilities/construction personnel are also needed to remove walls and make building modifications to protect those structures. 

Safety needs in light of the pandemic are being considered and volunteers will work in small, socially-distanced groups. 

If you are able to travel to Midland to help, please contact Julie Johnson (johnsonj@midlandcenter.org).

They are also in need of additional freezer storage. Damage is more significant than initially thought and many usual resources are not available due to COVID-19. If you have any connections with sources for freezer space in the area or that can be moved there, please ask if it can be utilized and then Julie know necessary contact information. 

Thursday, May 21

The Midland Center for the Arts/Midland County Historical Society Heritage Park was completely flooded and while access is still limited, there is clearly water in the buildings. They are in need of the following immediately:

  • 100 cubic ft of freezer space 
  • Freeze-dryers
  • Dehumidifiers

Please contact Julie Johnston (johnsonj@midlandcenter.org) if you can provide any of the above. 

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