Digital Dome Program Director -- Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan

A regular, full-time, exempt position that reports to, and is supervised by, the Executive Director.  This position description is not intended to be all-inclusive, but only to identify the major responsibilities and qualifications of the job. The incumbent may be requested to perform additional job-related tasks other than those listed below.

All Museum employees will present a positive attitude and professional conduct with staff, colleagues, volunteers, members, and visitors; treat everyone with respect and courtesy; and appreciate diverse audiences regardless of their age, abilities, disabilities, sexual orientation, and ethnic, religious, or economic background.


The Digital Dome Program Director is responsible for understanding how to fully operate and maintain the Spitz Digital Dome equipment, computer software programs, and present public digital dome/planetarium programs. The Program Director will identify, recruit, and train individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to operate the Spitz digital equipment with the understanding that said individuals, once trained, will be scheduled by the Program Director to present public programming. The Program Director will create a public network of educational/business professionals that will help strengthen the vision of utilizing the Digital Dome Theater/Planetarium to full capacity.

Keep abreast of professional and technical knowledge relating to best practices in Museum Digital Dome Theater/ Planetarium education outreach; Participate in ongoing training, seminars, and online webinars to fully utilize the programming potential of the Spitz Digital Dome equipment; be familiar with Spitz tech support and how and when to utilize it. Become proficient in building digital programs, and/or work with individuals and other institutions/museums/universities to build digital programs.

Outreach regionally to establish relationships with personnel from area educational institutions within the northeast region of the state.  Identify individuals from these institutions to train as digital dome operators, programming developers, and program presenters. Work with other local agencies and institutions to strengthen the Museum’s outreach and capacity.

Fully understand all Spitz training materials and curriculum materials. Continue to develop new Digital Dome curriculum and Museum activities that align with Michigan State Benchmarks for school field trips and provide “edutainment” for the general public. Create specialized programming with a focus on northeast Michigan’s unique cultural heritage.

Work with the Education Outreach Coordinator to schedule and conduct all fieldtrips.

Work with the Media Coordinator to publicize the schedule of all digital dome presentations and calendar of events on the Museum’s website; assist in creating press releases, articles, blogs, Facebook posts, etc. The Program Director is responsible to give regular updates concerning the Digital Dome to the Media Coordinator for social media and website

Evaluate Digital Dome programs and provide qualitative and quantitative data

Serve on the Education Committee

Assist Museum colleagues as needed and/or requested to fulfill the mission and purpose of the Museum


Must hold a Bachelor’s Degree, or higher in a discipline compatible to performing the duties of the Digital Dome Program Director. Education with a focus on Earth Sciences/ Computer Science/Management degree preferred.

Proficient in computers and software programs such as, Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Creative Suite, Movie Maker, and Social Media; ability to learn and operate the Spitz Digital Dome computer system; Ability to read training manuals and curriculum guides and implement said information into engaging digital dome programming.

Excellent organizational and administrative skills; ability to build a team of volunteers/part-time employees and train said individuals to operate the Spitz Digital Dome System and present public programs to a mixed aged audience.

High level of self-motivation, excellent attention to detail, able to follow through

Ability to understand the Michigan State Curriculum Benchmarks for creating and implementing educational experiences

A thorough understanding of effective informal educational techniques, interactive education, audience evaluation, and learning styles; ability to implement these skills to create an excellent learning experience for visitors of all ages and abilities in art, history, and science.

Excellent verbal and writing skills; demonstrates the ability to speak in public; ability to network in the community; ability to build and lead a team.

Good supervisory skills and the personality to work cheerfully and respectfully with others in a team approach.

Willing and able to work weekends to run digital dome public programs (if a volunteer is not scheduled or able); willing to work occasional evenings as job demands for special events, trainings, etc.

Please mail resume to:

Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan
491 Johnson Street
Alpena, MI 49707

Please email resumes to:

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